Pete Bleackley's Conlang Portfolio

About me

I'm Pete Bleackley, a conlanger from Horsham, England. I've been creating languages for over 20 years, and am a well-known figure in the conlang community. My day job is as a self-employed data scientist and I have a PhD in Astrophysics. I have studied French, German, Latin and Japanese.

A conlang, like any work of art, needs to take on a life of its own to be sucessful. To do this, I believe, requires a personal touch. For this reason, I don't automate any part of my creative process, but rather pay attention to making sure that every part of a language feels right. I explain this in more depth in My Philosophy of Conlanging, and illustrate it in Word Building is World Building.

My Languages

My main conlangs are

A language used by wizards in a fantasy setting
A more experimental language, spoken by the Leyen, aliens from Δ Pavonis
A work in progress, set in a slightly different version of our world.

Conlang Community Activities

In 2015, I acted as local host for the 6th Language Creation Conference on behalf of the Language Creation Society. I joined the society and have recently been elected to its Board of Directors. I wrote the starting text for the Conlang Relay at the 10th Language Creation Conference

In 2012, along with fellow conlanger Mia DeSanzo, I created Lexember, an annual community social media event in which conlangers create and share a new word each day during December. This event is still running 10 years later on several different social media platforms.

I am an active member of the Conlang Mailing List.


I'm a Contributing Editor of Speculative Grammarian, the premier scholarly journal in the neglected field of satirical linguistics. My personal blog can be found at The Fantastical Devices of Pete The Mad Scientist. You can follow me on Mastodon, or, if you really must, Twitter.

If you'd like to know more about my work as a data scientist, see Playful Technology Limited

Contact me

If you would like to commision a conlang from me or you are interested in conlang tutoring, email me.